The movie company "MASTER-FILM" has extensive experience in creation of all kinds of audio-visual production. Any offers on co-operation in the following areas will be interesting to us:

  • Documentary cinemas and video films;
  • Animation;
  • Advertisement and musical clips;
  • Representational and educational films, corporate video;
  • TV-programs.

The movie company has its own industrial base (the professional television equipment for carrying out of shootings and editing in format BETACAM-SP).

We carried out advertising orders for the companies Villeroy&Boch, ERICSSON, Yves Rocher, GTS Group Sovam-Teleport, EUROGOLD Int. Corp., MAO "MOVIE CENTRE", Trade Centre "MANEZHNAJA Square", Russian representation " MINIPACK ", "NUTRITSEVTIK", "Vitek", " LE MONTI ", "CITROEN", Interstate Tele-radio company "WORLD", etc.

Among the new projects of the Movie company are the preparation of collections of animation films for video hire at the cinemas of Moscow and other regions of Russia.

123242, Moscow, Druzhinnikovskaja str.15, office 716. Phone / fax: (095) 255-96-84, 232-54-71.