In 2010 in Suzdal XV anniversary Festival will take place!

The movie company "Master-film" is the founder and the organizer (together with State cinema of Russia, the Union of cinematographers and Association of animation cinema of Russia) of annual Open Russian festival of animation cinema.

Festival in Suzdal - unique professional review of all domestic animation production which has been let out for the previous year.

The festival president - the film director, the Honored figure of arts of Russia, Alexander Tatarsky.

The festival director - the General producer of the Movie Company "Master-film" Alexander Gerasimov.

Festival is generally considered to be a professional platform for an exchange of experience and last information in the field of animation.

The previous festivals have caused a wide resonance in mass media. All animation studios of Russia have been presented at these festivals; there were visitors from republics of CIS.

At the festivals 1st channel film crews worked (programs "Time" and "Up to 16 and more senior... ", NTV - the program "Recently", "Cinema news", the Russian TV, the channel of REN-TV, television channel TVC, the Ukrainian TV, "Radio - 1", "Echo of Moscow", "Nostalgia"). Besides some periodicals have been presented: "The Moscow member of the Komsomol", " The Screen and the stage ", "The Evening club", "The 7 days", "The Culture", "The TV-Park", etc.; regional press and news agencies.

As a rule, at the festival more than 25 journalists and some television film crews work. It became a fine tradition to create exit brigades of Festival for a display of cartoon films in various cities, to make creative meetings of animators with their main audience - children. Performances in celebration of the festival, concerts with appearances of the Russian animation masters and the demonstration of programs for children will take place in Vladimir, Petushki, Noginsk and in other cities during the X Festival. About 4 thousand people gather at the festival shows.

As founders of Festival act: the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the Union of cinematographers of Russia, Association of animation cinema of Russia, "Movie centre" and the Movie company "Master-film".

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