A sponsor's package

Ladies and gentlemen!

The management of Open Russian festival of animation cinema suggests you to accept sponsor's participation in the X-m Festival.

We shall be very grateful, if you express interest in our Festival and agree to act as a sponsor or an advertiser. We are ready to give all information which can arouse your interest (publications, records of telecasts, video data about the last Festivals, the budget, the description of a sponsor's package and so on).

Depending on the sum of a sponsor's fee (the sums are conditional enough and they can be subject to correction) we can offer the following advertising opportunities:

A) Placing of the advertising text and logos on all kinds of the printed materials of the Festival:

  • In the festival booklet - a trade mark of Firm;
  • In the Catalogue of the Festival - the advertising text, a trade mark or advertising page on 2, 3 or 4 pages or on the cover, an advertising sheet inside of the catalogue;
  • A trade mark of Firm on the festival poster (circulation of 1000 copies) which is placed in the areas of the realization of the Festival (see The letter), on the outdoor advertising of Festival in places of its realization (posters, extension-posters, booklets and so on);
  • Placing of the promotional material of Firm in the festival bulletin;
  • Placing of a trade mark of Firm on the invitation cards of festival actions;
  • Placing of the logo (trade mark) on souvenir production (T-shirts, labels, packages, pens, etc. Prospective circulation - 1000 copies).

B) Placing of a publicity board of Firm on a stage during the ceremonies of Solemn Opening and Closing, in the halls where will pass actions of the Festival.

C) Placing of a flag with Firm's logo before the building of the central festival hall.

D) Use of symbols of Firm in an animation clip which will open all festival activities.

E) Manufacturing under preferential quotations of an advertising animation clip of Firm (up to 30 sek.) and/or representational video film (up to 15 minutes, in the format Betacam-SP).

F) Distribution of booklets, leaflets and other advertising-information production of Firm on all post-festival activities ("Echo Tarusy") which will pass in various cities of Russia, on foreign film festivals and in the Movie centre on Krasnaya Presnya (Moscow).

G) The mention of Firm by the press in reportages from the Festival.

H) The opportunity of delivery of the Prize of Firm is given during Solemn ceremony of Closing of the Festival.

I) Granting of places for participation in the Festival (2-4 persons).

J) Advertising on radio (before and during the Festival).

K) Advertising on regional TV.

L) The organization of Presentation of your company (a seminar, conference, etc.) within the framework of the Festival.

Parameters of the Catalogue:

  • Volume - 120-140 pages; format - 150 297; circulation - 1000 copies.
  • Bicoloured information pages and multicoloured advertising pages;
  • Except of the information on competitive and out-of-competition programs, summarizing and analytical articles about animation;
  • Distribution:
      a) The catalogue is handed over to each participant and the visitor of the festival (directors, artists, the press, representatives of the state bodies, sponsors, guests of honour from Russia and other countries);
      b) The catalogue is distributed at other foreign festivals where the Russian animation films participate, and it's also sent in the managements of many foreign film festivals;
      v) Distribution on actions "The Echo of Festival ".

Prospective budget of X Open Russian Festival of animation cinema will make a sum from 170.000 up to 200.000 dollars of USA.

The full volume of the listed advertising opportunities is given to the GENERAL SPONSOR
(not less than 29 % of the Budget of Festival)

Depending on a sponsor's fee of the Party Representatives of Firm and Management of Festival discuss a concrete set of advertising services of the Festival within the framework of listed with conferment to Firm a rank of "Official sponsor", "Sponsor", "Information sponsor".

The sponsor's contribution to the Festival can be in part or completely carried out on a barter basis.

The management of the Festival will be glad to consider and discuss any reciprocal offers!

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