Ivan Maximov well known as Vanja Maximov is one of the most famous animators in current Russia. In the world hes known as a founder of the Russian art-house animation. Vanja is a mysterious Russian soul. By a trade he is a physicist, he began his career at the Institute of Space Researches. Perhaps therefore in his films there are space depth and mysteriousness and all characters dont look like terrestrial beings. Concerning Tides to and Fro Vanja says that its a kind of DOCUMENTARY cinema. He compares the process of this film creation with documentary shootings in an exotic country. You dont know customs and cultural features of this country, you don't understand sense of some actions but everything you see around bewitches you. His camera only fixes strange events and sounds of this wonderful alien world. Ivan creates his films spontaneously. Its not traditional way - script-storyboard-cutting. He draws the background, later he introduces their characters in this space and something starts to happen there. The films creation idea is often born because of music. Ivan often uses the classic music. Creating his film "Bolero" which was awarded by "Golden Bear" in 1993 on Berlinale Ivan used music of Maurice Ravel. In film Tides to and Fro Ivan creates bright and unusual musical texture. He mixes ethno-jazz and electronic Venezuelan songs.




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