Goodie beasties. Cartoon series (2010-2011)
25 episodes of 2 min. each
Directors: Svetlana Elchaninova and Maxim Polyakov
Design: Anastasiya Godunova and Ksenya Kolosova
Producer: Alexander Gerasimov
Baby Piglet, Bear, Donkey, Elk, Frog and Chicken explore the outside world around facing its diversity. They learn relationships basics trying to understand the meaning of soul and nature, friendship and compassion, joy and care, the whole and the part. The beasties keep to pattern of behavior essential to child education. Each episode teaches children a lesson or briefly dwells upon a problem that 3-6 years old are interested in. Series are indented to teach children to treat the nature and world around them with due care, to be kind-hearted and to believe in good. The scripts are based on the short stories written by the famous Russian author Gennady Tsyferov.
Target audience: 3-6 year old children.




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