The slow bistro (2002)
an animation film, 8 minutes, coloured
Production: Fund of social cultural programs "Province"
The author, the director, the artist: I.Maksimov
The Assistants: A.Samojlovich, S.Matrosova
The Producers: A.Gerasimov, V.Majasov

The Animators:

N.Malygina, T.Jatsyna, O.Kudrjavtseva, T.Kurnaeva, K.Maksimova, A.Samojlovich, J.Sabelnikova, L.Laktjushina, A.Chernysheva, O.Vasina
Phase-creation, picking in: V.Korogodina, K.Maksimova, A.Samojlovich
Sound: A.Abramov
There is nothing worst than to be waiting How do different people behave in the situation of boring expectation?




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