Mysterious Spectator (2005)
documentary, 39 mines, coloured, Betacam SP
Production: Fund of welfare programs "Province"
The script-writer and the director: Dmitry Zolotov
Alexander Svirsky is a unique orthodox saint, who contemplated the Sacred Trinity; he is a mysterious spectator as they are named in Russia. The truth that is inaccessible to direct human knowledge opened to that people.
Sacred Alexander's relics are imperishable. They look like if the saint was alive. But he founded Saint-Troitsky monastery on the space between Lake Onega and Lake Ladoga 500 years ago.
December 20, 1918 relics were stolen from the monastery. They were returned in 1998 to the cloister.
Our contemporary, the doctor-osteopath, Kazakh, adopted Christianity and his patients take cure with the help of prayers to Alexander Svirsky.

This film is about belief in God that is stronger than knowledge.





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