The Shamans grandson (2003)
A Documentary film, 52 minutes, coloured
Production: Fund of social cultural programs "Province"
The script writer and the director: Sergey Seryogin
The Operator: Valery Ryabin
The Producers: Vyacheslav Majasov, Alexander Gerasimov


Igor Nazaruk
The Sound producer: Valery Shishkin
The Director assistant: Anastas Majasova
The Operator assistant: Svetlana Kuvshinova
The Director: Dmitry Zolotov
The Manager: Evgenie Plotnikov
On Taimyr peninsula lives one of the most ancient peoples of Arctic regions - Iganasane. There is a set of versions about an origin of this people, but Iganasane know that they came from the bones of a wild northern deer...

Great shaman Demnime Ngamtuso once told about it. He knew a lot, he was so skilful and he expected so many things. He has died without leaving the successor. And now there is nobody to drive away the malicious spirits from the village, there is nobody to care of fellow tribesmen...

The film is the winner of Open festival of social cinemas and teleprograms "Vyatka" (Kirov, 2004) with the nomination of "The Best documentary film"




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