Dolls in the world of people (2005)
A cycle of documentary films, 4 series for 44 minutes, coloured, mono
Production: Fund of welfare programs "Province"
Directed and written by: Natalia Lukinyh
Artist: Valentine Telegin
Operator: Valery Rjabin
The story about the relationships of the Man and the Doll: since ancient times to modern days. Welfare roles of a doll in human life are investigated.
I series - " THE DOLL IN PRIVATE LIFE ", is devoted to toys and talismans, who has lived since ancient times in the house of the person.
II series - " THE DOLL IN THE MUSEUM ", is devoted to a doll as to a work of art and gives idea about cultural traditions of the different countries and peoples, and also about unique author's products of artists and doll masters.
III series - " THE DOLL ON THE STAGE ", is devoted to the story and modern forms of the life of the puppet theater, and also to the variety of the world of dolls-actors.
IV series - " THE DOLL ON THE SCREEN ", is devoted to professional secrets, traditions and modern achievements of doll cinema.




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