Manufacture and promotion of animation films initially was a priority direction of activity of a movie company "MASTER-FILM".

Our company stands at the sources of creation of Open Russian festival of animation cinema.

Among our authors it is a lot of debutants whom we always try to support and to give an opportunity for creative searches.
From the life of robbers, the 2nd series (2004 .)
Drawn, 13 minutes, color
Script-writer: Anna Kalin
Director: Sofia Kravtsov
Artist-directors: Oksana Holodova, Sofia Kravtsova
Producers: A.Gerasimov, V.Majasov
Goodie beasties. Cartoon series (2010-2011)
25 episodes of 2 min. each
Directors: Svetlana Elchaninova and Maxim Polyakov
Design: Anastasiya Godunova and Ksenya Kolosova
Producer: Alexander Gerasimov
HOLLY&DOLLY (2009-2011)
Serial, 28x2 min, all timing is 56 minutes
The director: Maria Stepanova
Authors of the scenario: M.Stepanova, O.Kudryavtsev
The producer: A.Gerasimov
In a thicket (2001)
the short fiction film, 26 minutes, colored
Production: 1
The script writers: Yulie Nikolin, Elena Tarasova
The director: Islam Elsanov
The operator: Valerie Ryabin
Music: Igor Nasaruk
Keys from time (2004)
an animation film, 24 minutes, coloured, sound - Dolby Digital
Production: 1
The script writer: July Lure
The director: Sergey Seryogin
The Artist-manager: Irina Kapralova
Music: Alexey Rybnikov

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