Manufacture and promotion of animation films initially was a priority direction of activity of a movie company "MASTER-FILM".

Our company stands at the sources of creation of Open Russian festival of animation cinema.

Among our authors it is a lot of debutants whom we always try to support and to give an opportunity for creative searches.
Piously (Holiday) (2002)
An animation film, 6 minutes, coloured
The Scrip writer, the director: M.Stepanova
The Artists-directors: E.Kurkova, V.Shlychkov
The Production managers: A.Gerasimov, V.Majasov

The Sound producer:

Poor Yorick (2007)
13 minutes, coloured
Production: Fund Province
The Script-writer: Sergey Gordeev
The Director: Sergey Gordeev
Producers: Alexander Gerasimov, Vyacheslav Majasov
Quiet story (2003)
An animation film, 10 minutes, coloured
The script writer and the director: A.Demin
The Artist-directors: A.Demin, A.Romashova
The Producers: A.Gerasimov, V.Majasov

The Animators:

E.Bajkova, S.Birjukov, A.Demin
Rain from top to down (2007)
Drawn, coloured, 7 min
Production: Fund Province
The Script-writer: Ivan Maksimov
The Director: Ivan Maksimov
The Artist: Ivan Maksimov
Producers: Vyacheslav Majasov, Alexander Gerasimov
Re-animation (2007)

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