Manufacture and promotion of animation films initially was a priority direction of activity of a movie company "MASTER-FILM".

Our company stands at the sources of creation of Open Russian festival of animation cinema.

Among our authors it is a lot of debutants whom we always try to support and to give an opportunity for creative searches.
The new life (2001)
An animation film, 10 minutes, coloured
The script writer, the director, artist-director: Arcady Prihodchenko
The animator: Robert Labidas
The Producers: Vyacheslav Majasov, Alexander Gerasimov

The sound producer:

Jury Motorkin
The Queen of Spades (2006)
Animation, 13 minutes, coloured, Betacam-SP
Production: Fund of welfare programs "Province"
Directors: Dmitry Naumov, Michael Lisovoj.
Producers: Vyacheslav Majasov, Alexander Gerasimov.
The slow bistro (2002)
an animation film, 8 minutes, coloured
Production: Fund of social cultural programs "Province"
The author, the director, the artist: I.Maksimov
The Assistants: A.Samojlovich, S.Matrosova
The Producers: A.Gerasimov, V.Majasov

The Animators:

N.Malygina, T.Jatsyna, O.Kudrjavtseva, T.Kurnaeva, K.Maksimova, A.Samojlovich, J.Sabelnikova, L.Laktjushina, A.Chernysheva, O.Vasina
The Three pigs (2002)
An animation film, 9 minutes, coloured
The scrip writer and the director: Nikolay Bogaevsky
The producers: Vyacheslav Mayasov, Alexander Gerasimov


G. Sandomirsky
The artist-director: Nikolay Bogaevsky
The Trophy Films (2003)
Animation films, 11 minutes, coloured
The script writers, the directors, the designers: Olga and Alexander Florensky
The producers: A.Gerasimov, V.Mayasov
Aimation: Vera Taranova, Olga Florenskaya

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