"I am good..." (Band "Strelki") (1999)
A Clip to a song, animation film
Directors: Konstantin Golubkov, Alexander Ljutenkov
A Cycle of animated clips for the company Sovam Teleport (2000)
Feature animated film, Dolby Digital, 90 min.
Production: 1
Director: Sergey Seregin
Screenplay: Andrey Zhitkov, Andrey Salomatov, Sergey Seregin
The producer: Alexander Gerasimov
As it is important to be the protected (2001)
A Cycle of 4 game rollers of social advertising
The Script-writer: Ivan Maksimov
The Director : Sergey Seryogin
The Customer: Fund "FOCUS"
Barinya ("Ivanov Brothers", a jazz- project) (1999)
A Staged clip, 4 minutes.
Directors: Rafail Sibirzanov, Vladislav Volegov
The Operator: Valery Rjabin
The Artist: Valenitin Kudryashov
Administrator: Maria Kudryashova
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